Recently, at a dinner party here in Houston, I found myself sitting next to a business owner. Let’s call him “Rob”. Being naturally curious to Rob’s story and journey, my questions in this situation always lead to learning about their practical methods of marketing.

After all was explained, defended and reiterated, he resorted to the one common phrase I have heard for years, “Word of mouth is the best method for me. The longest tried and true form of growing my business.”

That’s when I proceed to scratch my head, raise an eyebrow and ask without a filter (because apparently my curiosity has none), “So, you are leveraging the growth of your business on the shoulders of those who you hope will think to remember you in the off-chance they are part of a conversation where your business might come up sometime down the road?”

Anticipating a solid response because Rob is a highly intelligent guy, I was left in a very long, awkward moment of silence waiting for the dessert menu to show up.

Now before you start pounding your fist on the desk proclaiming Rob’s word of mouth mantra to be your truth as well, I ask you to ponder the question I asked him.

As you ponder, let me just throw this out there so we are all on the same page. In today’s digital age of marketing, the modern day channel for word of mouth is social media. The best part, it is instant.

If you can, imagine life before social media (tough, I know!). The number of friends you would get together with would range anywhere from two to fifteen or twenty, right?

Now, thanks to our ability to connect with people from around the world through social media, our circle of “friends” can now range from the hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, to millions (if you’re in the last two, we need to talk ASAP so email us @!) and they are watching what experiences, thoughts and emotional moments we share.

In that immediate moment of share’s worthiness, our friend’s can see what restaurants we love, our meal of choice in full color even so much as experiencing with us the very first bite of our savory dish as if it’s the first time anyone has ever set eyes on a gooey, cheesy enchilada.

As a business, you can not only maximize this level of instant exposure strategically, but monetize it quickly to help scale your business.

So I will ask you one question only. Do you feel you are maximizing social media confidently in a way that is growing your business? If there is even a slight hesitation to your response, we want to talk with you and discuss how a strategic marketing firm like Spry can help you not only create a growing word of mouth both digitally and socially, but execute on it successfully.