The weather is starting to heat up, and so is your brand! Whether your brand is completely new, or undergoing a refresh, it’s important to be unique and relevant. Several trends have shown up in the design landscape this year, and there are a few key notes to take.


2017 Pantone Color of the Year – Greenery. While this trend isn’t brand new, it’s still a fresh way for your brand to say “HEY!” Using this as a primary or accent color can brighten any palette and compliment almost any industry. While Pantone’s 2018 color of the year can only be speculated at this point, we would love to see another peppy pop of color!

Bright and bold colors have also been popular in 2017. Fuchsia, Teal, and Orange paired with the sharp contrast of white and black can bring a playfulness to your brand while maintaining a clean, professional edge. Darker images have also started to trend on social media, and with the addition of some bold hues, you’re sure to see a surge in your engagement.

The use of color psychology is a solid foundation to build your brand palette from. Everyone wants a logo that looks aesthetically pleasing, but when colors are chosen because they have meaning that tell your story and communicate your values visually, the impact is exponentially increased.


The use of geometric and organic shapes has been on the rise this summer. Giving the eye something unexpected yet refined will leave your brand resonating with others. Whether your brand calls for sharp clean edges or soft smudged curves, shapes can be the perfect element to solidify your identity while standing out from the crowd.


With all of the visuals our brains are bombarded with daily, it’s important that your brand identity not only boldly stand out, but that it does so simplistically. You don’t want to overwhelm anyone, you want to welcome them, make them comfortable, invite their trust and earn their respect. While that in itself may sound overwhelming, you can accomplish this by being concise and to the point with your aesthetic. No fluff, no filigree, just simplicity.

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