Lately, analysts have shown proof that a dark cloud is looming over brick and mortar retailers. But, don’t be too concerned, these retailers aren’t backing down and they are using this challenge to develop new, creative ways to provide consumers with new promotions, lucky us! Instead of waiting for the next big holiday, like Memorial Day for instance, home improvement retailers are taking advantage of this traditionally “no big promos” time period we generally see over the summer months and launched an out of the box approach – Spring Black Friday.

If we can have Christmas in July then it makes perfect sense to pair it with its own Black Friday in April!  Home improvement retailers took a cluster of seasonal norms and general customs and created a brand-new promotion that people are embracing.  Think of all the pieces of the puzzle that created this new “holiday” season:

  • People are ready to do things outdoors with most of the winter’s cold fronts having past
  • Welcoming Springtime means Spring cleaning
  • Everyone knows that the “traditional” Black Friday is the alert for Big Savings

In retrospect, what took so long?! You take the popular verbiage/sales associated with Black Friday that have already proven successful amongst consumers and a time period that does not have a “sale” associated with it and voila… you have Spring Black Friday.

Home improvement retailers like Home Depot and Lowes banked on the familiarity of the seasons and launched Spring Black Friday on March 31, 2017.  It kicked-off an almost two-week promotion of everything from bbq grills to patio furniture, from mulch to pavers and everything else outdoors in between.  Even Sears and Tractor Supply Co jumped-in to capitalize on one-day only special sales followed by two weeks of various promotions.

Spring Black Friday is pretty much genius as it has a created time that gives consumers what they want when they need it.  No need to wait for the holidays anymore for big savings, big box are now thinking out of the box.

The moral of the story… make your own sales & promotions, don’t feel restricted to sale seasons!

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