WHY? Search Engines are responsible for 80% of the market-share with virtually everyone searching for popular products and services online. SEO is vital to ensure your organization is listed in the results. Without this in place, people searching will have a hard time finding you, and will find your competitors instead.

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Search engine optimization (SEO). It’s one of those terms many have heard but don’t fully understand. In short, SEO is making digital content effective for both humans and search engines through an ongoing series of processes, including keyword research and optimization, writing meta titles and descriptions, establishing backlinks from high authority domains, creating local listings, as well as analyzing and monitoring website errors and traffic, and other best practices.

But SEO can do more than help with search engine rankings. In addition to routine maintenance and analysis, SEO can also do deep-end research into content and their audiences, commonly referred to as content marketing. Content marketing is a method of using content like blogs, emails, social media, and other useful platforms to direct organic traffic to websites and convert them into brand loyalists.

It takes a team of dedicated SEO specialists to implement strong SEO strategies in addition to making recommendations for websites and off-site content. Thankfully, we have a group of specialists of our own.