WHY? Those little ads you see before search results or embedded on other sites are actually a great cost-effective and audience-driven way to drive traffic to your website. Paid search not only compliments SEO efforts, but it provides the ability to quickly adapt and change your messaging in real time.

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Powered by data and strategy, PPC advertising can quickly be created and adjusted as necessary to target specific keywords with specific audiences.

Our PPC specialists understand how users search the web and find products online. Using insights derived from a variety of tools, such as Google Adwords, they customize PPC ads like display, remarketing, and search to keep in constant contact with users throughout their consumer journey.

Even better, our PPC team uses data aggregated from Adwords and other tools to prove content is meeting key performance indicators (KPI) and exceeding return on investment (ROI), all of which is shared via in-depth and transparent reporting delivered to your company.