WHY? Creating a common goal for your Company not only inspires community, but will also assist in defining your strategic approach to business. Knowing what your company stands for attracts like-minded individuals and creates a partnership your customers will respect and appreciate.

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Building purpose-driven brands strengthen consumer and employee relationships. With companies like REI, Southwest, Whole Foods, Subaru and more aligning their brands with a unified purpose, the need for an emotional connection becomes not only necessary but expected, regardless of your company’s sector and size. Sharing your purposeful brand benefits both the company’s internal culture and its current customer base, all while enticing new brand loyalists. An authentic look and feel makes brands stand apart from the competition.

Beyond providing an in-depth focal point for strategies, developing value-based initiatives can organize internal company culture. Being part of a meaningful work environment helps improve employee morale by feeling part of something beyond profit and attracting like-minded talent that elevates the brand message and goals. Spry works with your internal team to develop a mission, or set of values, from scratch, or refresh pre-existing ones, and align the entire brand behind them.

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What exactly does purpose-driven mean? A mission is what you do; your vision is where you are going; and your values are what you believe in.