2017 Digital Trends

In the world of digital marketing it seems that things are always changing and it can be difficult to keep up. This year has brought us many ways to follow users through their entire consumer journey, from reaching them on all their devices to tracking their in-store visits and purchases. Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t […]

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Summer Branding Trends

The weather is starting to heat up, and so is your brand! Whether your brand is completely new, or undergoing a refresh, it’s important to be unique and relevant. Several trends have shown up in the design landscape this year, and there are a few key notes to take. Colors 2017 Pantone Color of the […]

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Instagram Stories Will Revolutionize Digital Marketing Tactics

If you’re a person who lives on their phone, you might have become entranced in Instagram Stories. It’s a feature in which pictures and short form videos are posted at the top of your Instagram feed for followers to see. When it first hit the scene many were asking, “How is this any different than […]

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by Andy Pondillo

Modern Word of Mouth Marketing

Recently, at a dinner party here in Houston, I found myself sitting next to a business owner. Let’s call him “Rob”. Being naturally curious to Rob’s story and journey, my questions in this situation always lead to learning about their practical methods of marketing. After all was explained, defended and reiterated, he resorted to the […]

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Spring Black Friday

Black Friday in the Spring?

Lately, analysts have shown proof that a dark cloud is looming over brick and mortar retailers. But, don’t be too concerned, these retailers aren’t backing down and they are using this challenge to develop new, creative ways to provide consumers with new promotions, lucky us! Instead of waiting for the next big holiday, like Memorial […]

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AMA Crystal Awards

And the award goes to… Spry!

The elite of Houston’s marketers gathered at the Bayou City Event Center last night – Thursday May 11, 2017 – with anticipation to celebrate the year’s most influential work within our industry for the 31st Annual Crystal Awards. Described by the Houston Chapter of the American Marketing Association, “the Crystal Awards are not a destination. […]

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Checking the social media performance statistics on a tablet

Social Media Marketing Leads the Digital Transition

In recent years marketing has made a dramatic transition. Whether your company is a franchise or a small startup, the value of digital marketing is reaching new heights. At the end of 2016, reported that digital advertising would make up 37% of marketing spending this year. Why is this number significant? For the first […]

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by Andy Pondillo
Spry Staff Supporting Nuggets For Carter

Going Viral is Like Finding the Golden Ticket

Viral. Once a word that was solely related to illnesses, has gained a new meaning in the digital age. Since the internet sensations Charlie Bit My Finger and David After Dentist, viral can refer to the rapid circulation of an image, video or content that is shared on the internet. Remember when the world was […]

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by Keshia Abbott
easter blog

Easter Marketing: More than Eggs & Bunnies

…don’t forget the chickens and ducks! Ok, I jest, this blog post is not about animal equality. With the long Easter weekend right around the corner, retail outlets are exploding with pastel colors, a number of cartoon baby animals, and enough candy to stimulate a sugar rush in any child who even looks at it. […]

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by Alex Hancock
Spry Marketing

How to Get your Consumers to Market for You

  Think back to the last item you bought that was recommended by a friend. Was it food, or maybe clothing? Perhaps just a brand in general. How about the last time you read reviews before making a purchase? Word-of-Mouth marketing has been around as long as people have been talking. But with modern day […]

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by Keshia Abbott