…don’t forget the chickens and ducks! Ok, I jest, this blog post is not about animal equality.

With the long Easter weekend right around the corner, retail outlets are exploding with pastel colors, a number of cartoon baby animals, and enough candy to stimulate a sugar rush in any child who even looks at it. And it’s no joke – Easter weekend brings a huge boost to the candy, toy, greeting card, and related industries. But what if your company doesn’t sell any of these items? Is Easter just another weekend?

This is where looking at the bigger picture is important. Seasonality in your marketing involves more than just slapping a pair of bunny ears on your employees during the days leading up to the long weekend. It involves analyzing market and search trends, looking at your sales cycles and customer data, and creating a strategy to tell your story at the times your target audience is looking for information.

From a wider perspective, the reason we associate baby animals with the Easter holiday is due to its occurrence at the onset of spring. With the longer days, and warmer temperatures, the long Easter weekend also sees an increase in traffic across many industries outside the realm of chocolate bunnies, including spikes in DIY, outdoor, gardening, home improvement, furniture, and spring cleaning. With the warmer temps, especially in the south, it’s nearing high HVAC season. Home retail, industrial, and even the service industries are in peak demand in the upcoming weeks.

So where to begin? Knowing who your customer is, what they are looking for, where they are buying, and WHEN they are looking to buy are all important questions. Consumers are increasing their searches on DIY activities on Good Friday, with a peak on Easter Sunday, according to Google. And these searches are increasingly moving to the mobile realm, with more than 60% taking place on a mobile device in 2015.  In addition, many people are viewing DIY videos online – to the tune of 500,000 hours in 2015.*

Do you know the ideal time to tell your story? Let Spry help you develop strategies around the seasonality of your business, AND your audience.