Our Story

Spry Marketing began as a collaboration between founders Jarred King and Mary Shekari. Together, they envisioned an agency where small and mid-sized companies and creative professionals could partner together and create meaningful marketing and advertising campaigns powered by shared goals.

Today, Spry is helping regional and national brands share the story of why they do what they do, not just what they do.

About Spry Marketing

Meet The team

Mary Jared Nina Kristy

Mary Shekari Co-Founder and Principal

Mary A. Shekari is the Co-Founder and Principle of Spry, a strategic marketing agency in Houston that delivers customized solutions to clients. Originally from Iran, Mary has called Houston home for many years and knew it was the perfect place to receive an education and raise a family. She majored in Graphic Design at the University of Houston. As long as she can remember, she has always had a passion for marketing and advertising. She supposed it was the stories that attracted her the most; every brand has such a unique and dynamic narrative to deliver to their audience.

Before helping found Spry Marketing in 2011, her experience working with companies from any sector and designing marketing deliverables has guided her hands-on insight at every stage of the creative process from client onboarding to creative execution. Mary is thankful she has the opportunity to foster an agency that attracts some of the most talented and energetic people in the industry.

Jarred King Co-Founder and Principal

Jarred R. King is the Co-Founder and Principle of Spry. He is an organized leader known for clearly defining mission and goals, aligning people and resources, and consistently delivering results that exceed expectations. Jarred is a strategic and performance-focused entrepreneur with more than 10 years of extensive experience and leadership in Houston, Texas. An award-winning commercial and film director, he has traveled and photographed more than 35 countries worldwide. Jarred also serves on the boards of Entrepreneurs Organization, the Better Business Bureau, and Faith In Practice.

Nina Ross Operations Manager

Nina has spent her career in Management in a variety of industries.  Prior to her role at Spry, Nina attended Indiana and Purdue Universities and was an entrepreneur for many years, having owned her own personal fitness studio in Austin, Texas. After moving to Houston, she was the Treasurer at an engineering firm and in charge of Operations/Bookkeeping at a creative agency.

Kristy Sabados Senior Marketing Manager

Kristy has worked in a variety of marketing leadership positions before joining Spry. Her expertise spans many industries and commercial sectors, including oil and gas, engineering, publishing, and more. In addition to the creation of strategic marketing campaigns, Kristy excels at inspiring out of the box thinking and ensuring brand consistency across all channels. She earned a B.A. in Communications from Texas A&M University.